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Jun 14, 2013

What Is Domain WHOIS Search?

Have you ever visited a websites where you were curious who the owner was and where they were located? If you cannot find any contact information on a website, how can you find the name, country, address and the phone number of the owner?

Whether it is out of curiosity or in order to run a background check on a certain website to ensure it is trustworthy, there is an easy solution that can help you find out all this information online.

The Domain Name WHOIS Search

A WHOIS search simply allows you to look up the registrant information about a certain domain name. There are various free WHOIS search tools online that help you discover the following details for any domain name of your choice:

– Registrant’s name
– Registered address
– Phone and fax numbers
– Date of registration
– When the domain is going to be expired
– And more details

Finding out this information can be quite helpful when it comes to ensuring how legit and reliable a certain website is. For example if they claim to be one of the most popular payment processing solutions online, and yet their WHOIS record clearly shows their domain name has been registered merely a month ago, this is a clear warning sign that their word cannot be trusted.

So how can you search for domain WHOIS information online? The good news is, there are various free tools and services that allow you to run unlimited number of record searches for free. One of the most popular solutions is the Domain Tools WHOIS Check tool online.

Although some website owners may have chosen to hide their WHOIS information using an online service such as WHOIS Guard, most domains have a publicly available WHOIS database which allows you to easily see the above mentioned details about the registrant.

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