Economy Dedicated Servers

Economy DS Lite

$199.95 /mo

Quad Core L5630 CPU (4 Cores)Cpu Base Operating Frequency: 2.13GHz
Cpu Max Operating Frequency: 2.40GHz
Cores: 4
Threads: 8
Cache: 12MB SmartCache
Bus Speed: 5.86 GT/s QPI
Number of QPI Links: 2

8GB RamThe amount of memory available for your server. The more memory you have, the better the overall speed and performance.

2x500GB SATA or 2x300GB SASYou have the option of using SATA or SAS Drives.
SATA Drives are standard drives SAS Drives are ‘Serial Attached SCSI’ drives and perform faster than SATA Drives.

1TB Data TransferThis is the total amount of data available every month for traffic coming to and from your VPS including websites, emails, FTP etc.
1 TB (Terabyte) is 1024 GB (Gigabyte).

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No Lock-in ContractsNo Lock-in Contracts allows you to scale up or down according to your needs, with no cancellation fees.

Optional Add-onsTo help satisfy your requirements, we provide a range of optional add-ons including operating systems, memory, storage, IP addresses, control panels and more.

24/7/365 SupportYour VPS never shuts down, and neither do we.
We are here to serve you 24/7/365.

Australian Data CentersAll our Data Centers are located in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) so you will never have to worry about speed, ping times or latency.


Economy DS Plus

$299.95 /mo

Hex Core L5639 CPU (6 Cores)

16GB Ram

2x500GB SATA or 2x300GB SAS Drives

1TB Data Transfer

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No Lock-in Contracts

Optional Add-ons

24/7/365 Support

Australian Data Centers


Economy DS Premium

$399.95 /mo

2 Quad Core L5630 CPU (8 Cores)

24GB Ram

2x1000GB SATA 2x240GB SSD Drives

5TB Data Transfer

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No Lock-in Contracts

Optional Add-ons

24/7/365 Support

Australian Data Centers


Enterprise Grade Hardware

All our (VPS) Virtual Private Servers utilise
the latest Dell & IBM enterprise grade

24/7 Australian Support

We are 100% Australian and we know
the value of providing real Australian
service and support.

Australian Data Centres

All our Servers are located in Australia for
faster speeds and instant customer

Need Server Management
for your Dedicated Server?

SAVE $50 every month

(for the life of your account)

We’ll treat your VPS like one of our very own, and
we’ll be there whenever you need us.

Full Server Management includes 24/7 support,
monitoring, ongoing maintenance and fault resolution.

Server Management

Dedicated Server Features

Enterprise Grade Servers

All our servers use the latest
Dell and IBM enterprise grade
Hardware to ensure reliability.

Australian Data Centres

Our Servers are located in
Australia for faster speeds and
better performance.

Daily Automated Backups

Daily backups keep your site safe
and secure. Restores are
available any time.


CloudFlare protects your site
from attackers and ensures your
site is faster for overseas visitors.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We work hard to keep your
website online – so that you don’t
have to!

Optional Add-ons

You can customise your server
for more ram, cpu, storage and
various other options.


Our servers have improved
stability, preventing other sites
from hogging your resources.

Console Access

Access to a remote console
that will allow you to diagnose

IP Address Included

We include 1 IP address in our
plan and additional IP’s are
also available as an option.

No Lock-in Contracts

Flexibility built right into your
account. Now that’s peace of

OS Choices

Choose the latest operating
system software from Centos
to Windows and many more.

Easy Control Panel

Managing your web hosting
account is simple with the award
winning cPanel control panel.

Packed with more Features

Looking for a Managed Server?

We can provide full server management for all Dedicated (DS) Server plans. We treat your server like one of our very own, and we will be there whenever you need us. Management includes support, monitoring, ongoing maintenance and fault resolution.

Only $149.95 per month.

Centos (any version) Free

Debian (any version) Free

Ubuntu (any version) Free

Win 2003 SE (standard edition) $30 /mo

Win 2008 WE (web edition) $40 /mo

Win 2008 SE $40 /mo

Win 2012 SE $40 /mo

Win 2016 SE $40 /mo

cPanel + WHM 45 /mo

cPanel + WHM + Softaculous 50 /mo

Plesk with Unlimited Domains $50 /mo

LiteSpeed Web Server $39 /mo

Cloud Linux $11 /mo

WHMCS License $23 /mo

10GB Additional Disk Space $15 /mo

30GB Additional Disk Space $40 /mo

1GB Additional Memory $19 /mo

2GB Additional Memory $39 /mo

Incoming Mail Filtering $2.95 /mo

Full Server Management $149.95 /mo

1 Additional IP Address (monthly) 5 /mo

1 Additional IP Address (yearly) $50 /yr

10GB FTP Storage $15 /mo

20GB FTP Storage $30 /mo