Server Management

Why Choose a Fully Managed Service?

Designed for customers who prefer the “hands off” approach, our Server Management services offer peace of mind that your servers are being maintained, updated and secured by professionals.

When you order a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Dedicated Server you have the option of choosing our Server Management option. This option allows us to look after all the aspects of your server as if it were one of our very own. This includes software, maintenance, updates, monitoring and fault resolution.

We understand that some customers may not have the time, knowledge or skills to manage a server. Swish Connect will make sure your server stays updated at all times, we can install and configure any needed software for you and troubleshoot any issue you might be having with your server or with the software installed on it. All included in your plan.

Monitoring &
Fault Resolution

We monitor your server constantly both
internally and remotely, often resolving
faults before you even notice them.

24/7 Technical

We have sourced our industries most
promising and talented technical team to
give you the support you need.


We proactively manage your server
installing and configuring the latest
updates, software, patches and more.

Server Management Pricing

Fully Managed VPS

$99.95 /mo

Fully Managed Dedicated

$149.95 /mo