Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Is your website working for you?

How many leads does it generate?

Where is your traffic coming from?

What is your audience looking for?

What do they think of your website?

Are they going to your competitor’s website instead?

Swish connect can help you answer these questions and

will work with you to create an action plan to put your

Custom Website to work for you.

4 Simple Steps to Building Your Dream Website


Initial stage starts with consultation.

Here we work out exactly what you need, and make a plan to achieve it. We will work with you to figure who your target market is, what you want to achieve, and how you can get there.


Content Gathering, Layout & Design.

This stage includes gathering all the information that will be shown on your website as well as working out the look, feel and layout of your new website. We work on images, fonts, colours, and more.


Turning Design into Reality.

Once the design is approved by you, our coders get to work and turn the design into reality. Our expert developers will use the right programming language and coding for your site.


Time to Let the World See.

After rigorous testing and fault finding, your site is now ready to unveil to the world. We will upload your website to the internet, as well as provide you with free ongoing support & training.

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