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Jun 10, 2013

Simple Steps to Setup Google Authorship Correctly

Want a simple way to improve your Google ranking & SEO? Welcome to Google authorship.

This is a service that was introduced by Google in 2011 that has taken 2013 by storm. It simply allows you to claim authorship to any material you publish on the web. This is important as your profile will be shown even if you work is published in guest posts. As if that is not enough, you get you picture shown next to your items, especially in Google searches.

Why use Google Authorship?

For starters, you get your Google+ photo next to your published item. Secondly, your SEO is improved even if someone else tries to scrape off your content to their site. Another thing is that as your Google Authorship rank gets higher, so does your SEO and search ranking.

Setting up Google Authorship

Here are the simple steps to setup google authorship correctly.

1. The first step is setting up a google+ profile if you don’t have one. Make sure you give credible and enough information about yourself. If you already have a profile, proceed to the next step.

2. On your google+ profile, go to Profile and enter the url of your website or the website you write for.

3. Include the Meta tag below in the header tags of the pages you have written content.

<link rel=”author” href=”enter your google+ link here” />

4. Use Google’s Structured Testing Tool to test if you have successfully set up your authorship. This works better than searching for you content manually since it takes about a week or less for your photo to be shown in search results. Just paste the url of your site to the testing tool and click preview.

Note: With WordPress sites it’s even easier. All you do is log-in to your WordPress dashboard, go to profile add your google plus url to the box marked Google+, and then click update.

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