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Jun 6, 2013

Mobile Web Trends

With the increase in usage of Smartphones and Tablets, web browsing on mobiles has continually risen sharply in recent years.

It is therefore more and more important to ensure your website is optimised for web browsing.

Mobile web trends are constantly growing each and every day. Here are some statistics from reliable sources about the future of mobile usage.

  • Over 1/4 of the world’s mobile phones are smartphones. (Microsoft)
  • The usage of mobile internet shall pass the usual desktop internet usage by 2014. (Microsoft)
  • 75% of the smartphone users are android and apple owners. (Com Score)

Shopping has become even easier with tablets and due to the fact that mobile phones don’t require WiFi based on their cellular network connections to access the web. Customers are easily able to search the web via a mobile devices anywhere, since there really aren’t any boundaries limiting versus the inconvenience of staying at home on a desktop.

  • About, 80% of consumers use their smartphones to shop. (Com Score)
  • From all the local searches 50% are made on mobile devices. (Microsoft Tag)
  • About 29% of mobile users are willing to scan mobile tag to get discounts on different products. (Microsoft Tag)

There’s no question that mobile internet usage is carved in stone. According to Microsoft, among the TV watchers eighty-six percent of them use mobile devices while watching television. Also, only 79% of desktop internet access is for social activities compared to ninety-one percent for mobile internet access. Twitter mobile is used by half of the twitter members, while Facebook users only take up a third for Facebook mobile.

Mobile Email Marketing

  • Out of the people who check their email 68% use their smartphone (Nielsen)
  • The same email account on mobile and desktop was accessed by 90% of smartphone users. (Exact Target)
  • Statistics show, emails that were open on mobile devices reached 45% during holiday season. (Experian)

With mobile trends clearly increasing, and will continue to do so, now is the time to get your website working perfectly on mobile devices.

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