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Mar 11, 2013

Plesk Web Hosting – The Best Control Panel for Windows Web Hosting

Plesk Web Hosting made simple!

Plesk Web Hosting exists purely and simply due to the Plesk Control Panel – a simple intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) created by Parallels.

Parallels Plesk Panel or Plesk is a famous multi-functional control panel for windows web hosting. It offers a lot more than just a regular web-based tool for managing server resources. Plesk is a comprehensive hosting platform thus providing users with a wide range of options in setting up and maintaining hosting business.

So why is Plesk the best control panel for Windows web hosting?

  • Compatibilty. Plesk works on all versions of Windows Server platforms.
  • Spam Control. With a built in server mail, spam can be managed centrally and easily.
  • Up to Date. Parallels makes or adds features depending on new technology. Now Plesk is IPv6 supported. And since iPad and Android tablets are mostly used today, Plesk gives you access and control across multiple devices.
  • User-friendly. Plesk is very easy to navigate and intuitive. You can easily find the function you need since the automation is made simple but efficient. It also has a control panel where you can find your most commonly used functions. This also includes a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature.
  • Multiple options. Plesk gives you a long list of options on how to manage your website. Thus you will have the opportunity to make your very own working layout. With these options, imagination is your limit.
  • Customer Service. Plesk Web Hosting is made more reliable due to Parallels unlimited support to web hosts.

While there are many other alternatives to Plesk in the market, nothing will give you control, reliability and performance of Plesk couple with Windows Web Hosting.

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