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Dec 13, 2012

SSL Certificates, and why you need one.

Websites across the Internet use SSL certificates in order to protect and encrypt data. Many websites that have payment options available and areas where members of the website will share their own personal information, will use SSL certificates in order to protect the data that is shared on their website.

What are SSL Certificates?

Thinking of an SSL certificate as you would a padlock, these certificates are generally like small data files that bind themselves to an organization’s details with in a Web server. The key to unlock this information is constantly changing and as a result all of the data that is kept on the server is kept absolutely secure.

When you access a website that has SSL security as your browser connects to the Web server having this form of security means that any of the data that is used throughout accessing a webpage, will be kept secure using the SSL security code encryption.

Who should have it?

Websites that accept credit card information, have logins, transfer data to customers, social media sites and more should use some form of SSL security to protect their customers as well as their employees, domain names, and their reputation.

Without SSL security there is always a chance that people could steal data directly from the Web server such as his credit card information, your members names and addresses, their interests and extra contact information and more.

Without Secure SSL security websites pose a risk for:

  1. Identity theft of their customers
  2. Looking unprofessional
  3. Getting less visitors
  4. Less people signing up
  5. Less sales through shopping cart abandonment

These are just some of the reasons why you need SSL certificates in order to run a business or website. Unless people feel safe putting their information online there is a good chance that your website will not receive any new members, or customers without SSL security.

For Users

For users who are accessing sites where they are required to submit their own information, it’s very important to look into the type of security that a page has. Depending on your web browser the address bar at the top should turn from white to green and there should be some form of lock symbol that appears in your address bar as well. If the padlock is activated in your browser it will show that the page uses SSL, if there is no symbol or a broken padlock this will signify that the page does not have an SSL certificate.

Installing SSL Certificates

In order to install an SSL certificate on to your Web server you will generally need to apply for an SSL certificate through your domain host or web hosting provider. Once your host is able to install an SSL certificate this will make sure that all of the future connections to your website will be made secure connections through the browser. All of the future web traffic to your website will be completely secure traffic.

As you can see there are a number of advantages to getting an SSL certificate for your website, but if you have any queries at all, just contact us.

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