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Mar 26, 2013

6 Ways to Get More Followers on YouTube

It is thrilling to upload your first video on YouTube. After the initial excitement you look forward to comments from viewers. When the visitor chooses to follow your videos by subscribing to your YouTube account and arrives at your blog or website, you feel rewarded.

How to Get More Followers on YouTube?

1. Post videos on a regular basis. How about a video every week? A viewer is looking for value when he visits a Youtube video. So the content has to be new and innovative and presented well. Your presentation should be unique in that it is engaging, easy to understand, highly informative but never boring. Avoid preaching, be down to earth and natural.

2. The content should not be too long. For details encourage viewers to click links to your blog or website. Please remember the viewer may not even click the video link if it is more than 4 minutes long. The most viewed are those ranging from less than a minute to three and a half minutes. If the visual presentation is important the accompanying audio can make or break your campaign. The accent has to be neutral and the diction has to be clear and you need to know how you sound when you speak. Improve your diction.

3. Enable comments on your video but do filter the comments. You don’t want to be spammed by trolls online. Interact with people who comment on your videos by acknowledging them and interacting with them. People leave links in their signatures, you can do the same when you visit their sites and place a comment or subscribe to their blogs or websites. Request them to subscribe to your YouTube account, websites and blogs.

4. If you want subscribers, you can request visitors by asking them to subscribe. Place clear instructions in text explaining how to and what to do to subscribe to your YouTube account. Use annotations to give instructions to your viewers. Annotations are notes enclosed in a speech bubble in color that can be placed on your videos to call for action, just below the subscribe button. Another way to use the annotation is to place a clickable image or a graphic. By clicking it, the viewer will be directed to your subscription page.

5. Add other video content creators on YouTube and support them in marketing by recommending their videos. You can place positive comments, subscribe to or ‘like’ their content. They will return the favor.

6. Public announcement of personal goals help in garnering public support. For example if you have 90 subscribers and are aiming for 100 and then 250, announce a free give away which could be a valuable and informative e-book or simply an interesting and entertaining belly dance by you. Frequent updates and announcements as you close in on your goal should build up the excitement.

When the momentum is built, you usually over achieve. The key to success is to keep at it and to keep improving as you receive feedback and gain in experience.

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