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Nov 23, 2012

Tips to Increase Traffic to your Website

There are a number of different tools that you can utilise to drive more traffic to your website. Extra traffic can mean more ad revenues, visitors to read your content and also more people purchasing your products and learning about your business. Depending on the type of website that you have, more traffic could mean a lot of things.

Ultimately we publish content on the web so that it gets viewed and it is extremely important to promote your content in order to make sure that it gets the views that it deserves. Here are some ways that you can increase traffic to your website:

1. SEO
One of the first things that you can start to work on is your website content. Search engine optimisation or SEO is a process of optimising your website content to generate better search engine rankings – getting to the top of the likes of Google. What this can involve is editing your website code so that it is easier for search engine crawlers to get through and more of your content is read and registered on search engines. SEO can also consist of adding specialised keywords to your site to help viewers find you. If you are looking for local viewers to your website you may want to include lots of mention of the towns surrounding you or your state in any of the content that you write.

2. Social Media
Using social media can allow you to engage a massive audience. Some social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have around 1 billion registered users. By publishing engaging content to your social media pages on the main social networks you could see your content spread throughout the internet helping you to build a big fan base. You can then direct this fan base back to your website increasing traffic and gaining you many more views.

3. Google Adwords
Google Adwords is a service that many website owners utilise to get their sites displayed at the top of largest search engine in Australia – Google. Adwords is an extremely intuitive system and works to promote your website to users according what they are searching for. So if you sell childrens toys, and you want to target parents buying toys for their kids, you just have to work out what a parent would type into Google, then target those keywords. Adwords is very fast, and results are instant compared to SEO.

4. Blog Posts and Articles
Creating a blog on your own website and thereby creating blog posts, articles and even having guests blog for you, these pages you can work to generate more search engine results for your website. You can even post articles on other sites, and gust blog for others. With every single back link that you create to your website this can work to generate more traffic for you. By optimising your blog content with keywords you can work to dominate search engine rankings and have people find your website through each of your posts.

Using each one of these practices or a combination of them can make a real difference in the amount of traffic that is brought to your website. Tracking your traffic with a system like Google Analytics will show you just the difference each one of these exercises can make in driving traffic to your website.

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