Web Design Tips that will make life easier for your Customers

February 27, 2013 | 0 Comment

Web Design TipsA website is your face on the internet, your online shop, and your chance for a great first impression on your potential customers. An ideal website does not have to to be complicated, in fact, it can be simple and still very powerful. Here are simple web design tips for you to achieve quality design:

1. Provide user with excellent content
2. Strive for an easy to navigate and read design
3. A design of simple nature
4. Ensure consistency in design
5. Make proper choice of contrasting colors
6. Ensure proper organisation of your site pages in the design
7.Your design ought to complement the sites genre

Using proper typography, color and graphics are essential for generating a balanced design. However, if your website design possesses all this yet still doesn’t connect with your users, it is obvious the design will fail. Therefore, you should focus on the content and design at the same time. A designer who does not know the purpose of the website, will definitely fail to create a catchy design.

Web Design Tips
Even though it is difficult to provide a generic design direction for your website, pursuing certain design principles can make you achieve that great design. Creating a website is lots of fun as long as you are familiar with graphics, advertising area, layout fonts and color scheme. Here is a sneak preview on some generic tips for having that great looking website.

Web design tip – creating result-oriented graphics
1. Create lighter graphics
Always have in mind the need to keep your graphic images small, about 20KB in filesize. Most webmasters pay a lot of attention towards creating visually stunning design but fail to optimise the images. Thus making the site very heavy graphics wise and causing it to take too long to load.

2. Fancy images are unnecessary
Most websites lose their appeal due to fancy images, usually blinking and flashing that hurts the eyes.

3. Graphics should match the content.
Indeed, you must ensure that your content and graphics have some close intimacy to your topic or products and services if you want to deliver results.

Web design tip - creating a great layout
Having a great layout of your site is worth taking the time to invest in. Many even prepare a layout on a piece of paper before having it transformed into a web design.

Organising where each element of your site will be, will make it easy for users to find what they want, and you can also use it to guide users towards the areas you want them to go – like checking out and paying.

Web design tip – font, advertising area and color
1. Have your reader in mind

You must always think about your reader when choosing fonts and colors. Stick to only a couple of fonts to keep everything in sync, and choose colors that contrast and are easy on the eye.

2. Cross-browser compatibility
With continued browser wars and shifting market share from one browser to another, you need to ensure your pages load properly in every browser. Always make sure you check your design in various browsers before you make it live.

Sticking to the design basics will have a huge impact on your readers, as well as increasing the traffic to your site. Take time, and get it right.

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