The Benefits Of Virtual Servers (VPS)

January 10, 2013 | 0 Comment

Virtual Servers VPSAre you fed up with traditional web hosting fees?  Are you looking for a solution that costs less and offers more in return?  Well then you may want to consider Virtual Private Servers (VPS).  In addition to being less costly a VPS enables you to have total control over your hosting environment.  How is that you ask?  Well, let us explain.

A Virtual Private Server could be considered as being somewhere between shared hosting and having your own personal dedicated server.  The big difference being – as mentioned above – that you will not be shelling out the kind of money necessary for a full-blown dedicated server.  Now for some of the advantages.

By utilising a Virtual Private Server as opposed to shared hosting you will be afforded more peace of mind with your website.  Sometimes being on shared plans can result in certain sites that are on the bad side of the powers that be can wind up affecting all the other sites on the shared hosting as well.

You will have more of your own personal Physical Memory with which to work.  With more Physical Memory you are able to have more people who can access the applications running simultaneously.  You are not bogged down by other websites sharing your hosting plan and eating up memory and bandwidth.

We know it was mentioned above, but it bears repeating.  You will be paying much less than you would for a full fledged dedicated server.  And another thing; by utilising a VPS this is a good way of knowing, should your expansion needs increase, whether moving to a dedicated server down the line is a viable option.

And while doing so, you will have much more flexibility in terms of ram, space and so on than you would have with regular shared hosting.  Still yet another important thing to note is that you will have much more stability website wise since your site or sites will be less prone to being hacked or infected with viruses.

So in a nutshell, it is of absolute importance when looking for a web hosting provider that they offer this attractive option.  The better hosting companies will since they know that if the client is satisfied using a Virtual Private Server they may very well transition into being a dedicated server customer too.

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