Ways to Boost your Presence on Twitter

March 6, 2013 | 0 Comment

twitterOn Twitter, unlike celebrities, ordinary Twitter users need to work extra hard to earn followers and subsequently, their interest. With new tweets popping up every second, you need to work extra hard to avoid fading into obscurity. The competition is fierce and you need to step up your game to earn your worth.

This is even more important for businesses trying to build and engage customers.

With only 140 characters at your disposal to express your message, creativity is definitely not optional. You might have to go through a trial and error phase before finally getting it right but all those hard work will pay off in the end. So if you’re confident that Twitter holds the key to your online success, you should use these Twitter tips to increase follower engagement.

1. Know who your followers are.

Unless you know what tickles your followers you will always find your attempts to engage unsuccessful. Know your target market so you can build your marketing strategies around it. You don’t want to waste what little space is available by spouting irrelevant messages that have nothing to do with the interests of your followers.

2. Subtlety is the best policy

Most people become instantly wary of posts containing blatant advertising. Although you want to gather as many customers as you can, non-stop posts of your product or service can be a major turn off. Instead, offer informative and entertaining content that gently promotes your brand. You want to send a message that you are not just out there to fatten up your bank account but also to help people ease their lives by providing for their specific needs.

3. Be active and interactive

Establishing an online presence is a constant work. You just don’t leave your content lying around hoping that someone will eventually notice it. Be an active participant in topics that are relevant to your industry. Offer comments, answer questions, or start conversations to let them notice your presence. You can even venture to a more personal but harmless territory if it eventually means grabbing potential customers.

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