How to Choose the Right Australian Web Hosting Provider

Posted on January 23, 2017

Web Hosting Choice

How do you сhооѕе the right Australian Web Hоѕting Prоvidеr for your business website in Australian where there are so many providers offering so many products and lots of promises. Well we can tell you from our extensive research that you should choose a local company regardless of the price and here is why.

The majority of Australian Web Hosting providers are offering $2-$5 per month web hosting, although this sounds very enticing the fact that they actually outsorce their web hosting to America.  So you might wonder and say why America?  Electricity prices per KW (kilowatt) in Australia average around 30 cents AUD for residential and 33-38 cents for sommercial (datacenters) but in America some states have a electricy tariff of 8 cents per KW (kilowatt) couple this with  a lower outgoings for warehouse/office rental in America and America seems the perfect place for web hosting right? No infact more and more businesses fail because of this, you see search engines have become very smart in the past decade in fact Google makes around 500 changes per year to their algorythhym. Search engines are now able to collect more information and know exactly which country and state your website is hosted from, this automatically tells them if there is a search being made within a country to only bring the results where the Nameserver is physically located.

To be able to get around this service providers can opt to use CDN’s (content delivery network) but this sometimes creates more problems because CDN’s duplicate cached data for faster load times, so if CDN goes down than your online visibility is jeopardized. Remember every new additional function introduced means a new point of failure is also introduced.

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What Is a Web Host and Why Do You Need One?

Posted on June 12, 2013

web hostIf you are planning to publish your own website online, you will need several elements: a domain name, website content, and a web host. The domain name is simply the name and address to your website. The website content is the collection of all the HTML documents and images for your website content.

Now that the name and content of your new website is ready, where can you host your website so people can access it from all over the world? After all, if you simply keep the files on your computer, visitors have no possible way of seeing your website, don’t you think? So this is where a web hosting solution comes to your help.

What Is a Web Host and Why Do You Need One?

A web hosting company simply provides you with a web host service where you can keep all your website files on their servers – which are universally accessible from all over the world. So once you choose a web hosting package and upload your data online, you can launch your web presence online.

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Is the Cloud a Safe Place for Our Business Data?

Posted on June 4, 2013

cloud hostingAs we progress into the 21st century, businesses are increasingly shifting to storing their data to cloud applications. A major concern with this practice is whether or not the cloud is a safe place to store business data.

However, cloud applications actually use some of the strictest security measures in protecting their servers, so there should be no reason to worry about your data being hacked, stolen or destroyed.

To begin with, for cloud providers their reputation is extremely important – their revenue is directly tired to their reputation as security experts – so they do everything possible to ensure safety and security of their systems. They continually test their code to ensure it is effective because a successful attack on their servers could mean losing many clients and cause them to go out of business. Cloud applications invest in the best personnel to continually update and protect their data. The specialists who work for cloud applications are much more knowledgeable and experienced than merely appointing regular staff members to a minor department in your company.

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The Importance of Backing Up Your Website

Posted on May 22, 2013

backupWeb Hosting BackupEven the safest systems in the world also have backups of their data. You never know when disaster will strike. An example is when your website faces a hacking threat and your website is hacked. With no backups, your website is gone forever.

One thing everybody needs to understand is that hosting companies does not have the responsibility of backing up your website. It is entirely up to you to ensure that your website backups are done. While good web hosts do backup sites, it is a courtesy only, and nothing is guaranteed.

Here are a few reasons you should backup your website regularly.

Websites are dynamic and keep on changing
It is a common practice to store the original website but forget to save any new changes that are made on the website. Within a week a website can change a lot, it is important that these changes are also saved on top of the original backup of the website.

Keeping your business running even when disaster strikes
Those that have business websites need to make sure that the backups are more regular. When a business site is hacked, make sure that the backup website can be uploaded fast and be back in business as usual.

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How to Backup Your Website in cPanel Easily and Securely

Posted on May 8, 2013

cpanel web hostingWhen starting your own website online, you put a good amount of hard work on creating it. So it is important to keep it safe with a secure backup that saves the result of all your hard work in case something happens. Just like computers, websites also sometimes break down because of server issues or even someone hacking into your webmaster account. So unless you have a secure backup, you may lose your blog or website worth of years of your time – in an unexpected incident.

Lucky for you, if you are using a Linux server with a cPanel Web Hosting account, you can easily create automated or manual backups for all your domains and websites. Here is an easy guide to show you the basic steps.

There are two methods to create a secure backup in cPanel. You can choose the one you find the easiest.

1. Using the Backup Wizard feature in cPanel

You can find this in the File section on your cPanel homepage. After you click on it, you will see an easy 3-step method to create an instant secure partial or full backup from your websites. Since it includes a simple step-by-step wizard feature, it is the ideal solution if you prefer and faster and easier backup method.

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Analysing Website Statistics with AWStats

Posted on May 3, 2013


AWStats is an open source tool to analyse log files that are produced by web servers and produce HTML reports against each of them. These log files are generated as user download pages and websites.

In a nutshell, AWStats is a web analytics and reporting system. Analysing website statistics with AWStats include streaming media, web, FTP servers and mails. The analysed data is presented visually with tables, graphs and texts.

Most of the major server log files are supported by AWStats. The various formats supported by the tool include Webstar, Apache, IIS and many more. As this is an open source system, it is open for developers to work on it and modify its capabilities.

AWStats is written in the language Perl. Therefore it is flexible and can be used on any operating system. That is why it has become so popular as a server administration tool.

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5 Ways to Improve WordPress Load Times

Posted on April 29, 2013

wordpress speed

wordpress speedAttracting and maintaining high quality traffic is the ultimate goal for any site owner – and speed is a huge factor.

We’ve all heard the statistics about user patience … if the site doesn’t load virtually instantly, the visitor will simply move on to the next website.

A website with fast load times will always capture more traffic from search engines. In this age of browsers with support for multiple tabs, users are fond of concurrently loading several items from search engine results in several tabs. This means that the user will start by visiting the site that loads first and may never go to the other results if he gets what he was looking for. Even Google places importance on search results with sites that load fastest.

Good news, is that if you have a WordPress site, there are a few things you can do to increase the speed of your site.

Here are 5 ways to improve your WordPress load times.

1. Plugins
Plugins require extra time to be loaded when a user visits your site. This means that you should get rid of those that you no longer need.

2. Choose a Speedy Theme
Different themes have different load times. You should therefore test them and choose the one that takes the shortest time to load.

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