Getting Started with Australian Domain Names

Posted on January 15, 2017

Domain Names

Domain Names are the addresses for websites, providing a means for individuals to access files people have stored over the internet. It’s like your home address and without this, your online business or company is nowhere to be found.

Typically, all addresses are represented by an IP address, which is basically made up by a series of numbers. But, such internet addresses can be represented with a series of numbers and words that can be distinguished easily.

When it comes to using domain names, never use the ones with a hyphen because it’s easy to forget this hyphen. In addition to that, choose short and easily memorable domain names without numbers and any additional parameters. You will notice that short catchy domain names tend to get snapped up quickly. If your chosen domain name isn’t available choose another name to build your brand, this is called Brand Building.

Registering a Domain Name in Australia.

Having websites and registering domain names are 2 important parts of the businesses. These are the milestone of the success of your business. In Australia, you can easily get a domain name registered. All you need is a ABN (Australian Business Number) or a ACN (Australian Company Number) Unlike .com domains which only require 1 year registration, all Australian domain names, and must be registered for a minimum of 2 years. You may also renew domain names after every two years if required.
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What Is Domain WHOIS Search?

Posted on June 14, 2013

domain whoisHave you ever visited a websites where you were curious who the owner was and where they were located? If you cannot find any contact information on a website, how can you find the name, country, address and the phone number of the owner?

Whether it is out of curiosity or in order to run a background check on a certain website to ensure it is trustworthy, there is an easy solution that can help you find out all this information online.

The Domain Name WHOIS Search

A WHOIS search simply allows you to look up the registrant information about a certain domain name. There are various free WHOIS search tools online that help you discover the following details for any domain name of your choice:

- Registrant’s name
- Registered address
- Phone and fax numbers
- Date of registration
- When the domain is going to be expired
- And more details

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Protect Your Brand Name – Register Multiple Domain Name Extensions

Posted on April 16, 2013

domain name registrationAs you probably know, domain names are available in a variety of extensions.

For instance, is different than, and all the other extensions that are available.

The domain name of your website is your brand’s identity on the World Wide Web. It is also the only way through which your customers can access the services that you are offering on your website. You need to protect this brand, and your domain name.

Let us review some of the reasons why you should register multiple domain extensions to protect your brand name.

1. Stop Competitors hijacking your name

It is completely legal (unless you have a trademark and enforce it) for anyone to purchase a domain name with your name or brand in it with a different extension than your site. Customers have the tendency to memorise only your brand or company name and forget the domain extension. Imagine your website is, and your competitor registers and redirects that domain to their site. How many potential customers will to your competitors site instead of yours.

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Common Domain Name Mistakes

Posted on April 9, 2013

domain namesWhen you finally decide that you want to set up a website, it is important to come up with a web address that is suitable before domain name registration.

Domain Names are the key in this process because it is the actual address that will give the website a location on the world wide web.

Just like searching for a suitable physical address for your business, a domain name will ensure that your website is suitably located in order to achieve sufficient internet traffic.

However, there are some major domain name mistakes that website owners tend to make and they are highlighted below.

Too Long
having an unnecessarily long domain name is something that business owners usually do in order to include the entire business name. However, it is advisable to keep your domain name as brief as possible so that it can easily be remembered by web users. It will also go a long way in reducing cases of misinterpretation.

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Choosing The Best Domain Names For Your Business

Posted on January 3, 2013

Domain Name TipsDomain Name Registration is a very important topic. Selecting a good domain name for your website is more important than many people realise. It is essentially your address on the world wide web. This identifies you to a global (or local) audience and in many instances lets people know what you and your site are about. Here we are going to provide some useful tips on picking a good domain name for your business.

Register Your Domain Name As Fast As Possible
You’d be surprised how many times a person will do a check for a domain name and find that it is available and say “cool, I’ll register it soon” only to come back and find that it has been taken. It happens more often than one may think. Finding a domain name you want is hard enough as it is, there are so many domains already taken, so when you do find a domain name you want, and it’s available, register it … and quick. Right then and there.

Short Domain Names Are Better
Shorter domain names are easier to remember. They are also a lot easier to type out as well. A domain name like is much easier to remember and type than, say, You may also use a hyphen, but again, keep it short and sweet.

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