Why Choose Us

At Swish Connect, we have a million reasons why you should be choosing us as your partner for online success. But here are just a few.

20 Years and Counting

With experience in the web industry since 1998, Swish Connect is one of the longest serving providers of web hosting and web design solutions in Australia. While other providers are popping up and closing down just as fast, Swish Connect goes from strength to strength with an enviable reputation for great customer service and reliability.

100% Australian

Swish Connect was established in Melbourne, Australia and we continue to focus on the online needs of individuals, small to medium businesses and corporations in Australia.

We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, and all of our servers are
strictly based within Australia. We are Australian, and we focus on Australians!

45 Day Money-back Guarantee

We have an amazing track record of customer satisfaction, and we are so confident that you’ll love our services that we provide a 45 day, unconditional, money-back guarantee on all web hosting plans. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your account within 45 days of activation – now that’s peace of mind.

Green and Carbon Neutral

Proving web hosting services used a LOT of electricity. All those servers, air
conditioners, network equipment and the like use a massive amount of electricity. At Swish Connect, we take every step to ensure we are giving back.

We use 100% Accredited Renewable Green Power, and we offset our CO2 emissions to ensure we have a zero carbon footprint. Visit our Green and Carbon Neutral page for more details.

Legendary Support

We take Support to the next level. All customers are provided with all year round support – true 24/7/365 support when you need it most. The internet never sleeps, and neither do we.

We understand that your website needs to be online 24/7, and we understand that if it goes down it costs you money. We are always here to make sure that never happens and even if you accidentally delete all your files at 3am in the morning – we’ll fix it for you!

The Best Hardware

We are dedicated to uptime, speed and reliability. To achieve this requires nothing short of the best hardware available on the planet. We only deal with premium hardware to ensure it can handle anything our demanding customers can throw at it.

While other web hosting providers are skimping on equipment, we invest heavily in hardware so that you can have peace of mind.

Daily Backups

Disaster Recovery is often overlooked as a critical part of any operation. At Swish Connect however, we have an almost obsessive focus on backups and disaster recovery. We don’t just take backups, we take backups of the backups of the backups. Confusing?

Essentially, every piece of data within our infrastructure is backed on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. We then take backups of those backups, and then take another backup of those backups and store them offsite for yet another level of protection.

Realistic Pricing

At Swish Connect, we believe in value and affordability, but we also believe in realistic pricing that will allow us to stay profitable so that we can continue to provide the best services you can imagine.

Sure, there are hosts offering the world for $1.99 per month – but they never last – and when they die so does your website.

We aren’t the cheapest, and we don’t aim to be … instead we aim to provide you the best value your money can buy, wrapped up in a level of peace and security that allows you to sleep easy at night knowing your website and emails are online, always!


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