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We’re Green - Carbon Neutral VPS Hosting

At Swish Connect we take our commitment to the environment very seriously, so we have done everything possible to ensure we do not have a negative impact on the planet.

  We use 100% Green Power  
  100% Green PowerWe use 100% Accredited Renewable Green Power audited by
the Australian Governments GreenPower Program.
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- select 'IT and Telecommunications'
- look for Swish Connect Pty Ltd in the list.
  We’re also Carbon Neutral  
  Carbon NeutralTo ensure Swish Connect is Carbon Neutral, with a zero carbon footprint, we also offset our CO2 emissions by planting trees in the Carbon Neutral program.

To do this, we have taken into consideration everything that we as a business do, including computers, servers, paper usage, heating, cooling, and even staff travel including coming and going to work, airline travel and more. We are currently offsetting over 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year and growing.

Click here for Proof of Certification Adobe PDF
  We won’t charge you more to be Green  

There are very few web hosts that are actually Green, and what is sad is that those who claim they are green, actually charge customers a surcharge to make their site Green. We ask ... if you are already green, how can you charge clients to ‘upgrade’ their account to Green - shouldn’t it already be green if you are 100% Green?

Sad isn’t it? At Swish Connect we do not charge you more to make your account green - Its already Green! We are already 100% green - which means you have 100% Green Web Hosting too!

  Not just a Marketing ploy  
  At Swish Connect, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. Becoming 100% Green was a big step that involved lots of planning. We wanted to completely minimise any negative impact our business has on planet Earth ... so much so that we are now fully carbon neutral.
  Going Green beyond your website  
  Now that you know you have green web hosting, we highly encourage you to make the rest of your life green too ... if it isn’t already. Here are some valuable tips and tools you may find interesting.

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4. Earth Watch Australia
5. Climate Crisis

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