Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business

Posted on April 15, 2013


Pinterest is emerging as a whole new social media storm on internet these days. Here we are going to review Pinterest – what it is, and how you can use it for your business.

First we should explain ‘what is Pinterest?’

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. A tool for organising and collecting the things we love. There are millions of people using Pinterest in their daily life and work. It doesn’t matter what you are interested in, there is a place for everything in Pinterest.

You you can create variety of things with it and start adding images, places, products and people who are interested in your products.

Ok, now let’s see how you can use Pinterest for your business. Here are some ways to grow your business using Pinterest.

1. Create an account 

Same as Facebook, Pinterest gives you an opportunity to create a profile and let others know what are you are all about. When creating the account profile, use every space available and make your profile descriptive using the keywords that best describes you and your business. Include what you have to offer and the services you provide. Don’t forget to mention your website of course!

2. Pin it

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The Five Best Apps to Make Online Marketing Easy

Posted on April 8, 2013

There are so many ways to do online marketing, and now with the growing number of Apps available, here is our opinion on the five best apps for making online marketing easy.


facebook logo


Facebook is the most popular online social media site in the world so it has to be one of the biggest online marketing communities on the net. It is free to join and once you have created your account you are ready to go.

twitter logo

Twitter has gained enormously in popularity in the last few years and is used by large numbers of people around the world (including many celebrities!). Once you have created an account then you can start to put the word out about your business to potentially millions of potential customers.

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Google Reader is dead. Here are the 5 best RSS Alternatives

Posted on March 28, 2013

Many people love Google Reader but as every good thing comes to an end, so has Google Reader.

Google announced the end of Google Reader, and it has left a lot of users in dread, and needing to find an alternative.

Luckily, there are many other RSS services available as an alternative to Google Reader – here are the best five in our view.

Feedly Logo

Feedly: This is a free service that is available as an extension for safari and chrome browser, this service is also available for iPhone and Android via App. Its work great on tablets and mobile, and looks great on the web also.


Newsblur Logo

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6 Ways to Get More Followers on YouTube

Posted on March 26, 2013

YouTubeIt is thrilling to upload your first video on YouTube. After the initial excitement you look forward to comments from viewers. When the visitor chooses to follow your videos by subscribing to your YouTube account and arrives at your blog or website, you feel rewarded.

How to Get More Followers on YouTube?

1. Post videos on a regular basis. How about a video every week? A viewer is looking for value when he visits a Youtube video. So the content has to be new and innovative and presented well. Your presentation should be unique in that it is engaging, easy to understand, highly informative but never boring. Avoid preaching, be down to earth and natural.

2. The content should not be too long. For details encourage viewers to click links to your blog or website. Please remember the viewer may not even click the video link if it is more than 4 minutes long. The most viewed are those ranging from less than a minute to three and a half minutes. If the visual presentation is important the accompanying audio can make or break your campaign. The accent has to be neutral and the diction has to be clear and you need to know how you sound when you speak. Improve your diction.

3. Enable comments on your video but do filter the comments. You don’t want to be spammed by trolls online. Interact with people who comment on your videos by acknowledging them and interacting with them. People leave links in their signatures, you can do the same when you visit their sites and place a comment or subscribe to their blogs or websites. Request them to subscribe to your YouTube account, websites and blogs.

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Should every business be on Facebook?

Posted on March 20, 2013

FacebookFacebook is a great way to connect with friends. It can also be a great way to connect with strangers.

This is important for people who want to start a business. All businesses rely on the number of customers it has, and all customers were originally strangers. All it takes is an advertisement, a recommendation, an accidental purchase or any other way for a stranger to know about a company to turn that stranger into a customer. The more customers a business has, the better it is for that business.

Using marketing, businesses can obtain more customers by advertising their products. Advertising is all about letting people know about a company, product or service. There are several ways to do this.

The classic way is through word-of mouth advertising. This means that a person will hear about a company or service from their friends, family or other acquaintances.

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Ways to Boost your Presence on Twitter

Posted on March 6, 2013

twitterOn Twitter, unlike celebrities, ordinary Twitter users need to work extra hard to earn followers and subsequently, their interest. With new tweets popping up every second, you need to work extra hard to avoid fading into obscurity. The competition is fierce and you need to step up your game to earn your worth.

This is even more important for businesses trying to build and engage customers.

With only 140 characters at your disposal to express your message, creativity is definitely not optional. You might have to go through a trial and error phase before finally getting it right but all those hard work will pay off in the end. So if you’re confident that Twitter holds the key to your online success, you should use these Twitter tips to increase follower engagement.

1. Know who your followers are.

Unless you know what tickles your followers you will always find your attempts to engage unsuccessful. Know your target market so you can build your marketing strategies around it. You don’t want to waste what little space is available by spouting irrelevant messages that have nothing to do with the interests of your followers.

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Tips to Increase Traffic to your Website

Posted on November 23, 2012

Increase Traffic to your WebsiteThere are a number of different tools that you can utilise to drive more traffic to your website. Extra traffic can mean more ad revenues, visitors to read your content and also more people purchasing your products and learning about your business. Depending on the type of website that you have, more traffic could mean a lot of things.

Ultimately we publish content on the web so that it gets viewed and it is extremely important to promote your content in order to make sure that it gets the views that it deserves. Here are some ways that you can increase traffic to your website:

1. SEO
One of the first things that you can start to work on is your website content. Search engine optimisation or SEO is a process of optimising your website content to generate better search engine rankings – getting to the top of the likes of Google. What this can involve is editing your website code so that it is easier for search engine crawlers to get through and more of your content is read and registered on search engines. SEO can also consist of adding specialised keywords to your site to help viewers find you. If you are looking for local viewers to your website you may want to include lots of mention of the towns surrounding you or your state in any of the content that you write.

2. Social Media
Using social media can allow you to engage a massive audience. Some social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have around 1 billion registered users. By publishing engaging content to your social media pages on the main social networks you could see your content spread throughout the internet helping you to build a big fan base. You can then direct this fan base back to your website increasing traffic and gaining you many more views.

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