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Why choose a VPS?

There are so many reasons to choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and the reasons are different for everybody, but here are some of the benefits you get from choosing a VPS Hosting Plan.

  Ultimate Hardware  
  Swish Connect’s VPS Servers boast the latest in server hardware technology. Extreme performance is achieved using Dual Xeon Quad Core CPU’s, massive 32GB’s of ECC Ram, matched with 6 x 15,000 RPM SAS Hard Drives configured in Raid 10 format - now that is some serious power.
  Full Control  
  Your VPS is a virtual stand-alone server for which you have full root level access and control. Install and run any software or applications you choose. You decide what to run, how to run it, and control your own settings. You even have full choice of operating systems, control panels and more ... the choice is yours.
  One of the biggest advantages of a VPS is in not being limited to any fixed hardware device or resource. Should your VPS exceed the available resources in a shared environment, we can provide you with your very own Dedicated Server and migrate your VPS in real time to the Hardware Node. All this without any need to reinstall, configure and restore.
  Your VPS runs in its own isolated environment, with it’s own users, groups, processes, files, applications, libraries, IP addresses, ports and routing tables. It is a virtual server completely independent of any other VPS on the same machine.

Along with the disaster recover benefits, you can also create rollback points when installing applications or development milestones and quickly and easily revert back should the need arise.
  Optimum Performance vs Cost  
  VPS technology enables the costs of hardware, licensing, network connectivity, and systems maintenance to be distributed amongst those sharing the VPS machine. Therefore VPS represents an affordable choice that still delivers the performance of a dedicated server - at a fraction of the cost.
  Protection / Disaster Recovery  
  One of the greatest benefits of a VPS is the backup and restore flexibility afforded by the virtualization technologies. Compared with a minimum 5 – 6 hour process of a complete rebuild / restore process on a dedicated server, your VPS can be restored in only a matter of minutes to any of the available hardware nodes should the need arise.
  Remote Reboot, Repair, Restore and more  
  Your VPS is truly separate and independent. So much so that you can Reboot your system online from
anywhere and even repair and restore from backups with the click of a button.
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