Four Ways To Monetise Your Blog

Posted on May 20, 2013

blog tipsSometimes all that it takes to make some money is to be creative. If you have a blog, you have a gold mine that can bring enough gold to enable you lead a comfortable life. Rather than use the blog just to talk about stuff, what if you got a bit creative and decided to monetise it?

This article will discuss 4 ways to monetise your blog.

Take Advantage of Amazon Reviews is one of the largest and most trusted online shops in the world and you can take advantage of commissions given to people who refer others to the site. Let’s assume you take some time and write a really good review on a product, post the review on your blog and then add a product link that leads the reader to Amazon. The moment they buy that product or any other after having clicked on your link to end up in Amazon, you get paid. This is one way to monetise your blog.

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5 Ways to Improve WordPress Load Times

Posted on April 29, 2013

wordpress speed

wordpress speedAttracting and maintaining high quality traffic is the ultimate goal for any site owner – and speed is a huge factor.

We’ve all heard the statistics about user patience … if the site doesn’t load virtually instantly, the visitor will simply move on to the next website.

A website with fast load times will always capture more traffic from search engines. In this age of browsers with support for multiple tabs, users are fond of concurrently loading several items from search engine results in several tabs. This means that the user will start by visiting the site that loads first and may never go to the other results if he gets what he was looking for. Even Google places importance on search results with sites that load fastest.

Good news, is that if you have a WordPress site, there are a few things you can do to increase the speed of your site.

Here are 5 ways to improve your WordPress load times.

1. Plugins
Plugins require extra time to be loaded when a user visits your site. This means that you should get rid of those that you no longer need.

2. Choose a Speedy Theme
Different themes have different load times. You should therefore test them and choose the one that takes the shortest time to load.

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9 Reasons to Use WordPress to Run Your Website

Posted on April 12, 2013

WordPress Web HostingWithout further a do, let’s jump right into it.

1: WordPress is unbelievably easy to use, and very simple in design.
- Meaning that anyone can make a site, and figure out how to make a site without any technology knowledge.

2: Even though it is so simple to use, you can make really beautiful sites using templates.
- WordPress has hundreds if not thousands of templates available. They are fully customisable too.

3: It’s quick to get started. Your site is up and running almost immediately.
- Due to its simplicity, WordPress is quick to setup. Especially if you have the right WordPress web hosting provider.

4: Google loves WordPress.
- When someone performs a search on Google, Google loves WordPress site and blogs which use categories, tags, posts and pages for information.

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How to Update Your WordPress Blog from Your Smartphone

Posted on April 4, 2013

Wordpress HostingWhat’s the point of blogging with WordPress if you never seem to be where the action is? You need to be right there, but your computer is just sitting at home. But you do have your smartphone — it’s sitting in your pocket right now.

Share your photos, videos and thoughts as they happen. It doesn’t matter what smartphone you use, there’s an app for everything. This allows you access to the WordPress content management system even when you are miles away from home.

A Download Away
Simply visit your app market and search for WordPress. The WordPress app is remarkably similar across all platforms and features. Once the app pops up on your screen, all you have to do is log-in with an existing username and password.

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StudioPress Themes for your Website

Posted on March 19, 2013

StudioPress ThemesStudioPress say they are “The Industry Standard for Premium WordPress Themes” … and they truly are!

If you have a website or a blog, StudioPress should be your choice of engine to run your site.

In the following days, we will be publishing a comprehensive article about StudioPress and their Genesis Framework.

We’ll be reviewing what makes it so good, how it compares to the competition, and why you should jump on board.

For now, check out their site at

Or click here to see the StudioPress WordPress Themes.

Keep a look out for our indepth article over the next couple of days.

Top 5 WordPress Blogging Tips

Posted on March 15, 2013

wordpress blog tipsWordPress has become the number one blogging platform online, and for good reason. WordPress is flexible, fast and extremely user friendly. The platform has an enormous user base and setting up a personal blog is quick and free. For the novice, here are Top 5 WordPress Blogging Tips.

1. Pick A Nice Theme
The theme on your WordPress page dictates how your blog will look. This is very important as the mood can be set immediately for your visitors just by looking at the page. Luckily, the range of themes available to WordPress users is huge, and growing daily. There are a great many beautiful paid themes out there, but a wealth of great free themes also. Whatever niche or blog you have, there is surely a theme to suit.

2. K.I.S.S.
Keep it simple, stupid. Great advice for many things in life and blogging is no different. With so many options available to WordPress users it is easy to get carried away and fill the blog with needless add ons. Keeping the blog and its pages clean looking and clutter free will entice visitors to stay and read your blog, your main objective!

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Tips for Using Web Design to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Posted on February 19, 2013

Web Design TipsTargeting your customers with an impressive web design is not only achievable, but also highly recommended. An average person who starts a business website is normally after one thing – sales.  Big flashy logos and overdone textures won’t help you achieve this goal. You need to understand that a website is the most essential part of your online presence, and it must be well-synchronized in terms of creativity and information. Although there is plenty that goes into a web-design, listed below are four essential tips that are expected to help you create an effective website.

1. Create a solid layout
The significance of having a solid foundation is applied to almost everything in life. Anything put on top of a frail base fails at one time or another. In web design, layout is the foundation of a website. It entails the placement of different navigation elements and the content. A hierarchy should be established in these elements in order to give the most important ones the prominence they deserve. The visitors must be in a position to navigate through your website without facing unwanted disruption. You might have seen websites with multiple boxes, all differently sized and improperly lined up. Nothing grabs your attention, since you have just bumped into a hurricane of craziness. Avoid such mistakes!

Use Wireframes
Creating a wireframe is a common practice by web designers. It is basically a detailed representation of numerous elements that appear on a web page. Wireframes normally contain gray-scale boxes of placeholder text. Keeping things simple and structured is the key here. Avoid getting caught up in extensive design elements and colors.

Use Whitespace
Another key aspect of fine layouts is the whitespace between the page elements. Overcrowding has never worked, and never will. Let your pages breathe. Adding more whitespaces gives your website a more sophisticated appearance.

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