Explaining the Different Types of SSL Certificates

Posted on April 5, 2013

SSL Certificate LockSSL Certificates can be purchased from web hosting companies or online security solutions companies. But, before you jump in to buy SSL certificates, you need to find out what type of SSL certificates you need based on the type of your website.

As a website owner, you need to make sure that unauthorized third-parties will not have access to sensitive and confidential information on your website. A standard web protection to keep you and your visitors safe and secure is to use Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificates.

3 Types of SSL Certificates

1. Organisational Validation
The validation is provided for a business which has been validated as a legitimate by certificate authorities. Your business will be checked thoroughly by counter-checking business credentials including physical and web addresses. This kind of certificate ensures that an online business is legitimate to provide customer services such as credit card payments.

2. Domain Validation
This is the least secure type of certificate. The validation is done by making sure that the name of the business owner and physical/web address matches the web registration information as listed in the WhoIs database. This type of certificate should only be used for websites that do not process sensitive information. If your business involves credit card payments, this certificate will not be able to provide the website protection you need.

3. Extended Validation
This type of certificate is the most secure type. It combines the extensive requirements of Organizational Validation, Domain Validation and other security features to bring a comprehensive protection for business owners and their customers. Because of the strict validation processes that a business needs to go through to get this certificate, only several business and government agency websites have this type of certification.

What SSL Certificate Type Should You Purchase?

You should purchase an SSL certificate that will provide maximum protection for you and your customers. If you own a business website, the only way you can provide the safest online shopping experience is to make sure any personal and payment information they entrust to your website will not fall under abusive hands. If you wish to spend less for a certificate but wants to provide adequate protection, you should purchase first an Organization Validation Certificate. But, if you are ready to spend more to ensure protection for your business, purchase the Extended Validation and provide unquestionable protection for your customers.

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Online Security – Why Should Never Use Your Local Cafe’s Wifi

Posted on April 2, 2013

Wifi SecurityThere are many reasons why you should never use wireless networks provided by many cafes or hotels.

Here are just some of the reasons.

1. WiFi connections are insure, the communication between your laptop and the access point in the cafe or hotel may not be secure in the sense that little or no encryption protocols have been employed to ensure the security of your data while on transits. This means that your personal information can be stolen or your laptop can be hacked. In addition the encryption protocol used mostly in the cafes such as WEP is known to be hacked or cracked and most of encryption technologies them are not configured properly.

2. Due to the insecure nature of the WiFi networks, some criminals can use specialized sniffing software to get data from your laptop and use it for criminal activities.. Although this can be stopped by anti virus program or a well configured firewall, not all laptops have full proof firewalls or antiviruses.

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SSL Certificates, and why you need one.

Posted on December 13, 2012

SSL Certificate LockWebsites across the Internet use SSL certificates in order to protect and encrypt data. Many websites that have payment options available and areas where members of the website will share their own personal information, will use SSL certificates in order to protect the data that is shared on their website.

What are SSL Certificates?

Thinking of an SSL certificate as you would a padlock, these certificates are generally like small data files that bind themselves to an organization’s details with in a Web server. The key to unlock this information is constantly changing and as a result all of the data that is kept on the server is kept absolutely secure.

When you access a website that has SSL security as your browser connects to the Web server having this form of security means that any of the data that is used throughout accessing a webpage, will be kept secure using the SSL security code encryption.

Who should have it?

Websites that accept credit card information, have logins, transfer data to customers, social media sites and more should use some form of SSL security to protect their customers as well as their employees, domain names, and their reputation.

Without SSL security there is always a chance that people could steal data directly from the Web server such as his credit card information, your members names and addresses, their interests and extra contact information and more.

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