Is the Cloud a Safe Place for Our Business Data?

Posted on June 4, 2013

cloud hostingAs we progress into the 21st century, businesses are increasingly shifting to storing their data to cloud applications. A major concern with this practice is whether or not the cloud is a safe place to store business data.

However, cloud applications actually use some of the strictest security measures in protecting their servers, so there should be no reason to worry about your data being hacked, stolen or destroyed.

To begin with, for cloud providers their reputation is extremely important – their revenue is directly tired to their reputation as security experts – so they do everything possible to ensure safety and security of their systems. They continually test their code to ensure it is effective because a successful attack on their servers could mean losing many clients and cause them to go out of business. Cloud applications invest in the best personnel to continually update and protect their data. The specialists who work for cloud applications are much more knowledgeable and experienced than merely appointing regular staff members to a minor department in your company.

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How CloudLinux Improves Stability on a Shared Web Server

Posted on April 3, 2013

cloudlinuxCloudLinux is an operating system for the shared web hosting environment.

Shared web hosting is one of the many types of web hosting used in the world today. In shared hosting, many websites reside in a single server, and therefore all the websites and data share the resources of that same server.

This type of hosting is associated with the ‘bad neighbor effect’ where by a website is exposed to security threats associated with the other website hosted in the same server. Cloudlinux operating system was created to solve this problem.

CloudLinux improves stability of a shared web hosting server using the following:

Lightweight Virtual Environment
CloudLinux contains a lightweight virtual environment which allows each account to be isolated from each other. This enables system administrators to control CPU memory and ‘concurrent connection’ available to each account. By ‘isolating’ each account in the server, one account can take down the whole server by preventing abuse. Hence the problem caused by the ‘bad neighbor’ effect is solved.

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Some Exciting Announcements Coming in 2013

Posted on February 7, 2013

The staff here at Swish Connect area always working hard behind the scenes to ensure our customers are getting the most they can get from their time with us.

We are always looking at the latest technologies, trialling them, seeing if they can bring value to our clients, and we are happy to give a little teaser of just a few things coming in 2013 … and there will be so much more!

CloudFlare Web Hosting


Swish Connect has teamed up with CloudFlare to essentially provide CND style functionality to improve website performance as well as increase security. We have finished testing and are currently rolling this out to all servers. A full announcement will be released when it is 100% ready.

CloudFlare will be available on all our services including shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, virtual servers (VPS), and dedicated servers.

For more information on CloudFlare, visit their site at



Cloud Linux

CloudLinux is the only server operating system made especially for Web Hosting. Swish Connect has partnered with CloudLinux and is currently finalising live testing before we roll the service out to all servers.

CloudLinux specialises in increasing server stability and performance by placing each and every website into its own instance – so if a website suddenly goes crazy, it doesn’t bring the entire server down with it and causing all other websites to go offline.

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