What Is Domain WHOIS Search?

Posted on June 14, 2013

domain whoisHave you ever visited a websites where you were curious who the owner was and where they were located? If you cannot find any contact information on a website, how can you find the name, country, address and the phone number of the owner?

Whether it is out of curiosity or in order to run a background check on a certain website to ensure it is trustworthy, there is an easy solution that can help you find out all this information online.

The Domain Name WHOIS Search

A WHOIS search simply allows you to look up the registrant information about a certain domain name. There are various free WHOIS search tools online that help you discover the following details for any domain name of your choice:

- Registrant’s name
- Registered address
- Phone and fax numbers
- Date of registration
- When the domain is going to be expired
- And more details

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What Is a Web Host and Why Do You Need One?

Posted on June 12, 2013

web hostIf you are planning to publish your own website online, you will need several elements: a domain name, website content, and a web host. The domain name is simply the name and address to your website. The website content is the collection of all the HTML documents and images for your website content.

Now that the name and content of your new website is ready, where can you host your website so people can access it from all over the world? After all, if you simply keep the files on your computer, visitors have no possible way of seeing your website, don’t you think? So this is where a web hosting solution comes to your help.

What Is a Web Host and Why Do You Need One?

A web hosting company simply provides you with a web host service where you can keep all your website files on their servers – which are universally accessible from all over the world. So once you choose a web hosting package and upload your data online, you can launch your web presence online.

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Mobile Web Trends

Posted on June 6, 2013

mobile growthWith the increase in usage of Smartphones and Tablets, web browsing on mobiles has continually risen sharply in recent years.

It is therefore more and more important to ensure your website is optimised for web browsing.

Mobile web trends are constantly growing each and every day. Here are some statistics from reliable sources about the future of mobile usage.

  • Over 1/4 of the world’s mobile phones are smartphones. (Microsoft)
  • The usage of mobile internet shall pass the usual desktop internet usage by 2014. (Microsoft)
  • 75% of the smartphone users are android and apple owners. (Com Score)

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Introduction to Ecommerce Platforms

Posted on May 29, 2013

ecommerceEcommerce platforms are specific software that can create a completely new online shop or that can transform a simple website into a very effective online store where you can sell services, product or anything else that you like to sell.

These eCommerce platforms support various payment methods including payment gateways, credit cards, paypal, and cash on delivery so customers can buy your products easily.

Ecommerce platforms provide a system by which seller can sell his product easily and buyer can buy it easily. This kind of software also gives you liberty to add, modify and delete a product details on website.

Here is just a few of the main Ecommerce software platforms that can create a tremendous online store for you.

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How to Bring Your Small Business Online

Posted on May 27, 2013

online businessNowadays, almost everybody can access information freely, and nearly everyone is online and connected to the internet – including your customers. Simply put, your business needs to be online, or it is losing out on customers, sales … and profit.

Here are some simple steps to bring your small business online:

Step 1 – Select and Register a Domain Name
A domain name is your address on the internet and its how people find you. So you need to ensure it related back your business so use your business name, or a product even.

Step 2 – Website Development
Now that you have your domain name, your address on the internet, you need to design and develop your website. The website is essentially your shop front. Its how people see you, interact with you, and buy from you.

Your website needs to be clear and user friendly. You can speak to a web developer to get your site built, or even use simple design software yourself.

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The Importance of Backing Up Your Website

Posted on May 22, 2013

backupWeb Hosting BackupEven the safest systems in the world also have backups of their data. You never know when disaster will strike. An example is when your website faces a hacking threat and your website is hacked. With no backups, your website is gone forever.

One thing everybody needs to understand is that hosting companies does not have the responsibility of backing up your website. It is entirely up to you to ensure that your website backups are done. While good web hosts do backup sites, it is a courtesy only, and nothing is guaranteed.

Here are a few reasons you should backup your website regularly.

Websites are dynamic and keep on changing
It is a common practice to store the original website but forget to save any new changes that are made on the website. Within a week a website can change a lot, it is important that these changes are also saved on top of the original backup of the website.

Keeping your business running even when disaster strikes
Those that have business websites need to make sure that the backups are more regular. When a business site is hacked, make sure that the backup website can be uploaded fast and be back in business as usual.

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Improve Your Website Conversion Using Split Testing

Posted on May 6, 2013

split testing

Improving website conversion can significantly improve the bottom line. How? By getting more sales with the same amount of traffic.

One of the best ways to improve website conversion, is with Split Testing. Split Testing is sometimes known as A/B testing or Multivariate testing. It’s about setting up two or more separate versions of your landing page and then showing each page to your website visitors for a set period of time, for example a week.

Say you have set up a two week experiment where you display landing page A for one week, followed by landing page B in the following week. At the end of the experiment you then compare the data you have gathered for each page. Which page converted the best to sales? Which page had visitors staying the longest? Which page increased the subscribers on your list? Once you have gathered data on your pages, you can tweak the landing pages again and conduct more experiments, to improve the conversions further.

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