Is the Cloud a Safe Place for Our Business Data?

Posted on June 4, 2013

cloud hostingAs we progress into the 21st century, businesses are increasingly shifting to storing their data to cloud applications. A major concern with this practice is whether or not the cloud is a safe place to store business data.

However, cloud applications actually use some of the strictest security measures in protecting their servers, so there should be no reason to worry about your data being hacked, stolen or destroyed.

To begin with, for cloud providers their reputation is extremely important – their revenue is directly tired to their reputation as security experts – so they do everything possible to ensure safety and security of their systems. They continually test their code to ensure it is effective because a successful attack on their servers could mean losing many clients and cause them to go out of business. Cloud applications invest in the best personnel to continually update and protect their data. The specialists who work for cloud applications are much more knowledgeable and experienced than merely appointing regular staff members to a minor department in your company.

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SSL Certificates, and why you need one.

Posted on December 13, 2012

SSL Certificate LockWebsites across the Internet use SSL certificates in order to protect and encrypt data. Many websites that have payment options available and areas where members of the website will share their own personal information, will use SSL certificates in order to protect the data that is shared on their website.

What are SSL Certificates?

Thinking of an SSL certificate as you would a padlock, these certificates are generally like small data files that bind themselves to an organization’s details with in a Web server. The key to unlock this information is constantly changing and as a result all of the data that is kept on the server is kept absolutely secure.

When you access a website that has SSL security as your browser connects to the Web server having this form of security means that any of the data that is used throughout accessing a webpage, will be kept secure using the SSL security code encryption.

Who should have it?

Websites that accept credit card information, have logins, transfer data to customers, social media sites and more should use some form of SSL security to protect their customers as well as their employees, domain names, and their reputation.

Without SSL security there is always a chance that people could steal data directly from the Web server such as his credit card information, your members names and addresses, their interests and extra contact information and more.

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