How to Choose the Right Australian Web Hosting Provider

Posted on January 23, 2017

Web Hosting Choice

How do you сhооѕе the right Australian Web Hоѕting Prоvidеr for your business website in Australian where there are so many providers offering so many products and lots of promises. Well we can tell you from our extensive research that you should choose a local company regardless of the price and here is why.

The majority of Australian Web Hosting providers are offering $2-$5 per month web hosting, although this sounds very enticing the fact that they actually outsorce their web hosting to America.  So you might wonder and say why America?  Electricity prices per KW (kilowatt) in Australia average around 30 cents AUD for residential and 33-38 cents for sommercial (datacenters) but in America some states have a electricy tariff of 8 cents per KW (kilowatt) couple this with  a lower outgoings for warehouse/office rental in America and America seems the perfect place for web hosting right? No infact more and more businesses fail because of this, you see search engines have become very smart in the past decade in fact Google makes around 500 changes per year to their algorythhym. Search engines are now able to collect more information and know exactly which country and state your website is hosted from, this automatically tells them if there is a search being made within a country to only bring the results where the Nameserver is physically located.

To be able to get around this service providers can opt to use CDN’s (content delivery network) but this sometimes creates more problems because CDN’s duplicate cached data for faster load times, so if CDN goes down than your online visibility is jeopardized. Remember every new additional function introduced means a new point of failure is also introduced.

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Getting Started with Australian Domain Names

Posted on January 15, 2017

Domain Names

Domain Names are the addresses for websites, providing a means for individuals to access files people have stored over the internet. It’s like your home address and without this, your online business or company is nowhere to be found.

Typically, all addresses are represented by an IP address, which is basically made up by a series of numbers. But, such internet addresses can be represented with a series of numbers and words that can be distinguished easily.

When it comes to using domain names, never use the ones with a hyphen because it’s easy to forget this hyphen. In addition to that, choose short and easily memorable domain names without numbers and any additional parameters. You will notice that short catchy domain names tend to get snapped up quickly. If your chosen domain name isn’t available choose another name to build your brand, this is called Brand Building.

Registering a Domain Name in Australia.

Having websites and registering domain names are 2 important parts of the businesses. These are the milestone of the success of your business. In Australia, you can easily get a domain name registered. All you need is a ABN (Australian Business Number) or a ACN (Australian Company Number) Unlike .com domains which only require 1 year registration, all Australian domain names, and must be registered for a minimum of 2 years. You may also renew domain names after every two years if required.
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