Top 5 WordPress Blogging Tips

March 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

wordpress blog tipsWordPress has become the number one blogging platform online, and for good reason. WordPress is flexible, fast and extremely user friendly. The platform has an enormous user base and setting up a personal blog is quick and free. For the novice, here are Top 5 WordPress Blogging Tips.

1. Pick A Nice Theme
The theme on your WordPress page dictates how your blog will look. This is very important as the mood can be set immediately for your visitors just by looking at the page. Luckily, the range of themes available to WordPress users is huge, and growing daily. There are a great many beautiful paid themes out there, but a wealth of great free themes also. Whatever niche or blog you have, there is surely a theme to suit.

2. K.I.S.S.
Keep it simple, stupid. Great advice for many things in life and blogging is no different. With so many options available to WordPress users it is easy to get carried away and fill the blog with needless add ons. Keeping the blog and its pages clean looking and clutter free will entice visitors to stay and read your blog, your main objective!

3. Good Plugins
Wordpress has a wide variety of plugins available to make the bloggers and visitors experience much easier. From contact forms to SEO tools, almost every need is catered for. Using plugins wisely can greatly enhance user experience and make a good blog into a great one.

4. SEO
For many bloggers SEO is an intimidating phrase but this need not be the case. There are some simple SEO tips bloggers can apply to their pages that will help extend the audience and get more visitors. There a plugins available to make this quick and simple too and making good site SEO is an excellent habit to get into.

5. Great Content
All blogs live and die by their content and yours will be no different. Original, relevant material is the order of the day here and can seperate a mediocre blog from an amazing one. Users and search engines love regularly updated and smart material and blogging is a great way to show passion for a subject.

WordPress blogging can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience, get your blog started today!

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