How Content Distribution Networks (CDN’s) can Improve Website Performance

February 15, 2013 | 0 Comment

CloudFlare Web HostingContent Distribution Networks, or CDN’s, are simply an arrangement of computers holding multiple copies of data at different locations. This duplicate data is stored in order to make it easier to access separate servers from separate regions. The biggest benefit of CDNs is that they eliminate the risk of bottlenecking, where everyone is attempting to gain access to the same central server at the same instant.

Significance of a Content Distribution Network
The present, dynamic world of internet has made it necessary for every website to deliver its content in an effective and timely manner. Readers expect every website to react immediately to them. There is in fact no one in the world who wants to lose his/her connection with a particular website after submitting his/her credit card number. Simultaneously, it feels like an eternity to wait for a web page to fully load. The current information superhighway is moving incredibly fast, and you’ll definitely try to avoid your website from being left behind. This is where a CDN comes in.

Will a Content Distribution Network be advantageous to you? It entirely depends on the traffic you get every day and the size of your website. Small personal websites fail to justify the placement of data thousands of miles away. It is true it is not necessary to get a professional Content Distribution Network from a web hosting company but you can still enhance the performance of your website by learning some data-distributions tricks. You can always opt for services offered by companies offering Web Hosting in Australia for a better experience.

Advantages of a Content Distribution Network
CDN enables you to use parallel loading, which involves collecting information from various servers simultaneously. Browsers can pull content from numerous hostnames at one fell swoop. By getting CSS from one server, images from another, and HTML from another, you can build a business website much faster, hence decreasing the overall loading time.

On the other hand, browsers are not capable of identifying the source of the information. For example, if you have a water-pipe connected to a pump and you widen its mouth, you can easily avoid bottlenecking, since the water will have a chance to move faster. However, if the power of the pump is being utilized at multiple places, the widening of pipe will not have an effect on the speed of water. Similarly, if you utilize parallel loading (pipe widening) you might not experience any benefit because of the low processing power from servers.

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