Top 3 Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools for Website Owners

April 19, 2013 | 0 Comment

google webmaster toolsWhether you already have a website, or looking to get one online soon, you need to know what there are some tools that you just can’t do with out – and Google Webmaster Tools is one of those.

There are things you need to know, often on a daily basis, to ensure your website is optimised and functioning as expected. This can include details about who is visiting your website every day, where they come from, which errors they run into while browsing your website, and more helpful information.

Finding out these details used to require buying paid traffic analysis scripts or software in the past. But now thanks to Google Webmaster Tools, you can discover all this information about your website for free.

As a free service offered by Google, you can add  an unlimited number of websites to your Webmaster Tools account to see all this detailed information.

Here are the Top 3 Benefits of using Google Webmaster Tools.

1. Discover How Visitors Are Finding Your Website

Simply by using the keyword tracker feature available in Google Webmaster Tools, you can see a list of the top main keywords people have used to find your web pages via search engines. Sometimes you may notice random long targeted keywords that people have searched for and have arrived on your website. Using these details, you are better able to customise your website content to target these visitors.

2. Find Out What errors/shortfalls are Occuring on Your Websites

If Google crawlers find any errors throughout your website, it will damage your search engine rankings. These errors may include server errors, DNS errors, or the robots.txt file not existing. So by taking a look at the errors Google finds inside your Webmaster Tools account, you can easily fix them and improve your Google rankings.

Further, Google Webmaster Tools will actually give you suggestions on improving your search engine rankings by showing where you have duplicate content, titles or descriptions that are too short, and more.

3. Submit a Sitemap

You can easily submit a Google-friendly sitemap in your account to help improve your search engine rankings. A sitemap helps Google find all the pages of your website – even the ones on a deeper level which may not be linked from your home page. This helps give you a better chance at higher rankings in search engines.

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