Making the Right Choice for Keywords

March 22, 2013 | 1 Comment

KeywordsIt can be a very hard task to choose the appropriate keywords to optimise your website. The reason being the thousands of possibilities available to choose from.

The objective of course, is to have your website ranked as high as possible to capture the maximum amount of visitors. Every page of your website should be seen as an opportunity to optimise for a new keyword. Doing so, will further increase your audience.

Here are some tips for keyword selection:

  1. Start with generic keywords and expand outwards.
  2. Use the Google Keyword Tool which is a great tool to evaluate the search volume of selected keywords.
  3. A keyword density analyser can also help identify how many times a keyword appears in a document.
  4. If the content is connected to a certain location then it is necessary to mention the location in the keyword phrase.
  5. It is a not a wise idea to target multiple locations on a single page.
  6. Search for the keywords that are being used by your competitors.
  7. Once the potential keywords have been listed, consider using less competitive keywords. This should be the strategy for small business.
  8. The selected keywords should be loaded in a keyword research tool. Moreover, you should check for singular and plurals for the same keyword phrase.

If the above steps are followed they can effectively answer the question … How should you choose Keywords to focus your SEO efforts on.

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