Web Hosting that Nurtures your Website

Posted on February 28, 2013

Web Hosting TipsWeb Hosting services make your website accessible to World Wide Web by providing a space for your website on their web server connected with all web servers in the world.

What matters is how good or bad a web hosting company can be for your website. A good hosting provider should have web servers that ensure fast loading time of your website pages without freezing or any delays.

Hosting companies should ensure a safe and secured environment for your website to ensure it is protected against threats from hackers or any other risks that can spoil or steal data on your website. You should have access to a control panel that allows adding, changing or removing any content of your website easily even if you are not a technically skilled person.

For a business website, choosing web hosting provider that offers free or cheaper priced hosting is usually not recommended as it cannot guarantee you the best level of protection and accessibility. Your website has to be up and running at all times without any threats or troubles for users accessing your website. However, technical problems are prone to occur occasionally but your hosting company should be trained and qualified enough to rectify any problem quickly so your website is not away from action for a long time.

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Web Design Tips that will make life easier for your Customers

Posted on February 27, 2013

Web Design TipsA website is your face on the internet, your online shop, and your chance for a great first impression on your potential customers. An ideal website does not have to to be complicated, in fact, it can be simple and still very powerful. Here are simple web design tips for you to achieve quality design:

1. Provide user with excellent content
2. Strive for an easy to navigate and read design
3. A design of simple nature
4. Ensure consistency in design
5. Make proper choice of contrasting colors
6. Ensure proper organisation of your site pages in the design
7.Your design ought to complement the sites genre

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SEO Tips to Achieve a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Posted on February 25, 2013

SEO tipsSEO (search engine optimisation) is simply the strategy of getting your website to the top of major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When consumers search for the product or service you are offering you want to be placed as high as possible to get noticed.

When developing an SEO strategy for your website, the relevancy of your website is increased by focusing on high frequency terms searched by your customer. This is known as an organic search, where the search is not impacted by a paid advertisement or other unnatural search factors.

Web page searches are ranked based on the most relevant information to users. It’s important to improve the relevancy of your business in the eyes of your customer. The SEO strategy should focus on many different search variations to include image, local, video, and even academic searches. Here are a few key factors for a successful SEO focused online marketing strategy.

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Difference between Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting

Posted on February 21, 2013

Linux Hosting Windows HostingLaunching your own website means choosing a suitable web hosting provider to host your site. You will also have to decide on the Operating System, and there are two main choices – Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting.

Linux Web Hosting

Linux is open source and is generally free. It is a popular choice among new business setups for web hosting as it is cheap to install and run. Recent changes in Linux have made it more user friendly as many companies are now offering graphical control panels. These graphical panels are similar to those found in Windows.

Linux supports: Perl, PHP, MySQL Databases and Ruby on Rails.

Windows Web Hosting

Microsoft Windows is the most popular OS used worldwide on home and business PC’s. As a result, a majority of people are familiar with all the features and it is easier to integrate with other MS products.

MS Windows supports MySQL databases, Cold Fusion and ASP.NET.

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Tips for Using Web Design to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Posted on February 19, 2013

Web Design TipsTargeting your customers with an impressive web design is not only achievable, but also highly recommended. An average person who starts a business website is normally after one thing – sales.  Big flashy logos and overdone textures won’t help you achieve this goal. You need to understand that a website is the most essential part of your online presence, and it must be well-synchronized in terms of creativity and information. Although there is plenty that goes into a web-design, listed below are four essential tips that are expected to help you create an effective website.

1. Create a solid layout
The significance of having a solid foundation is applied to almost everything in life. Anything put on top of a frail base fails at one time or another. In web design, layout is the foundation of a website. It entails the placement of different navigation elements and the content. A hierarchy should be established in these elements in order to give the most important ones the prominence they deserve. The visitors must be in a position to navigate through your website without facing unwanted disruption. You might have seen websites with multiple boxes, all differently sized and improperly lined up. Nothing grabs your attention, since you have just bumped into a hurricane of craziness. Avoid such mistakes!

Use Wireframes
Creating a wireframe is a common practice by web designers. It is basically a detailed representation of numerous elements that appear on a web page. Wireframes normally contain gray-scale boxes of placeholder text. Keeping things simple and structured is the key here. Avoid getting caught up in extensive design elements and colors.

Use Whitespace
Another key aspect of fine layouts is the whitespace between the page elements. Overcrowding has never worked, and never will. Let your pages breathe. Adding more whitespaces gives your website a more sophisticated appearance.

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How Content Distribution Networks (CDN’s) can Improve Website Performance

Posted on February 15, 2013

CloudFlare Web HostingContent Distribution Networks, or CDN’s, are simply an arrangement of computers holding multiple copies of data at different locations. This duplicate data is stored in order to make it easier to access separate servers from separate regions. The biggest benefit of CDNs is that they eliminate the risk of bottlenecking, where everyone is attempting to gain access to the same central server at the same instant.

Significance of a Content Distribution Network
The present, dynamic world of internet has made it necessary for every website to deliver its content in an effective and timely manner. Readers expect every website to react immediately to them. There is in fact no one in the world who wants to lose his/her connection with a particular website after submitting his/her credit card number. Simultaneously, it feels like an eternity to wait for a web page to fully load. The current information superhighway is moving incredibly fast, and you’ll definitely try to avoid your website from being left behind. This is where a CDN comes in.

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Tips for Starting a WordPress Blog using WordPress Web Hosting

Posted on February 13, 2013

Wordpress Web HostingUtilising WordPress Web Hosting is the best way to start a WordPress Blog because creating a WordPress blog can prove to be a major accomplishment for your business, since it is the simplest and most affordable way of getting a site online. It offers you two major benefits: a record of your blog posts on search engines, such as Google and Bing, and access to an in-house social network of bloggers. A blog needs much more than a few occasional posts to be successful. You need to keep a few vital principals in mind in order to run an unbeaten, business-oriented WordPress Blog, and you need to have it hosted by a professional web hosting company.

1. Your Blog Should Have a Clear Focus
Generally, there are two types of blogs: professional and personal. A personal blog is often treated as an online journal by the bloggers, since it is a perfect place for them to record interesting events that happen every day. For that reason, it doesn’t have a particular direction. A professional blog, on the other hand, must have a very clear focus. For example, it is essential for a business-oriented blog to make the offered products/services the centre point. It is not advisable to merely pitch what you are selling. In fact, you should post around those products/services by writing about issues that hint at them. For instance, if you have an antique bookstore, you can attract customers by writing interesting posts related to old book-making procedures. Writing brief reviews on novels or books sitting in your present stock can not only help increasing sales, but also diversify your reader base.

2. Invest in a Suitable Domain Name and WordPress Web Hosting
While it might seem like a necessary step, setting up your own domain name for a WordPress blog is normally overlooked by new bloggers. Having a free domain is not recommended if you want your blog to be successful. Not only does it appear unprofessional to visitors, but also indicates that you are not serious about your blog and are not willing to invest in it. Domain names are available at a very reasonable price now. It is worth lifting your blog’s image and investing in a suitable domain name.

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