Web Hosting Special Offer to Welcome in the New Year

Posted on January 11, 2013

Web Hosting New YearIt’s that time of year, the new year, full of promise and excitement.

To usher in the new year, we are having a special offer, Web Hosting Special Offer – we’re calling quite simply, New Years Web Hosting Plans.

The plans are huge. More space, more data, more domains – and all for less!

We have decided to dedicate one of our state of the art servers, the whole server in fact, to this special offer. As it is one server only, space is limited, therefore we can only accept new customers up until the server is full, then the offer is closed.

So, be quick, and enohy Huge Plans for less. Don’t miss out!

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The Benefits Of Virtual Servers (VPS)

Posted on January 10, 2013

Virtual Servers VPSAre you fed up with traditional web hosting fees?  Are you looking for a solution that costs less and offers more in return?  Well then you may want to consider Virtual Private Servers (VPS).  In addition to being less costly a VPS enables you to have total control over your hosting environment.  How is that you ask?  Well, let us explain.

A Virtual Private Server could be considered as being somewhere between shared hosting and having your own personal dedicated server.  The big difference being – as mentioned above – that you will not be shelling out the kind of money necessary for a full-blown dedicated server.  Now for some of the advantages.

By utilising a Virtual Private Server as opposed to shared hosting you will be afforded more peace of mind with your website.  Sometimes being on shared plans can result in certain sites that are on the bad side of the powers that be can wind up affecting all the other sites on the shared hosting as well.

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Choosing The Best Domain Names For Your Business

Posted on January 3, 2013

Domain Name TipsDomain Name Registration is a very important topic. Selecting a good domain name for your website is more important than many people realise. It is essentially your address on the world wide web. This identifies you to a global (or local) audience and in many instances lets people know what you and your site are about. Here we are going to provide some useful tips on picking a good domain name for your business.

Register Your Domain Name As Fast As Possible
You’d be surprised how many times a person will do a check for a domain name and find that it is available and say “cool, I’ll register it soon” only to come back and find that it has been taken. It happens more often than one may think. Finding a domain name you want is hard enough as it is, there are so many domains already taken, so when you do find a domain name you want, and it’s available, register it … and quick. Right then and there.

Short Domain Names Are Better
Shorter domain names are easier to remember. They are also a lot easier to type out as well. A domain name like is much easier to remember and type than, say, You may also use a hyphen, but again, keep it short and sweet.

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